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Wealth Management Industry

Helping You Meet Your Clients’ Needs

CalPrivate Bank is a strong trusted partner for Registered Investment Advisors and Wealth Managers who can benefit from working with an experienced Relationship Banker who helps you do more for your Clients.

Lending Solutions

CalPrivate Bank caters to Financial Advisors by providing superior lending solutions to help serve your Clients better.

We are dedicated to maintaining and building on the Trust advisors forge with their Clients. We are mindful that every Client relationship is built upon
a relentless commitment to Accountability, Client Focus, Service Quality, Teamwork and Integrity.

Lead the Competition

To be competitive in the market place, it is essential that Wealth Advisors and Managers have access to a broad range of cash management and lending solutions to address their Clients’ unique needs. CalPrivate Bank is committed to creating customized Solutions for each of its Clients.

Expand your value proposition

Leading Wealth Management firms continue to expand their lending capabilities which they use as a differentiator in the management and growth of Client relationships.

Benefits to Wealth Managers

Manage both sides of your Clients’ balance sheet

  • As a financial advisor, you are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Wealth Management process. To build and protect net worth, managing what Clients owe can be as important as managing what they own.
  • Gain deeper insight into your Clients’ total financial picture.
  • Meet Clients’ core credit needs – personal, investment, and small business financing.
  • By integrating liability management with asset management, advisors can play an integral role in helping their Clients achieve financial wellness.

Retain Assets Under Management

  • Protect your Client relationships by preventing intrusion by traditional Banks that offer competing Wealth Management services.
  • Help Clients obtain liquidity for discretionary or crisis needs while leaving investment strategies intact.
  • Avoid liquidating securities (at potentially low prices) by establishing cash management Solutions for your Clients.
  • Retain control over assets pledged as collateral.

What Sets Us Apart

Experts Who Know Your Business

Responsive Decision-Making

Our entrepreneurial Team have the acumen and authority to make prudent decisions quickly, with the power to cut through red tape.

CalPrivate Bank specializes in helping registered Investment Advisors and Wealth Managers deliver private banking Solutions to their Clients. Our in-depth experience, combined with expert personalized service, enables investment and financial advisory firms to do more for their Clients.
Your Clients choose you for your valuable investment expertise. Choose CalPrivate Bank for its longstanding expertise in helping registered Investment Advisors and Wealth Managers deliver customized financing options for your Clients – that also benefit you.

Ready for a Distinctly Different Banking Experience?

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