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Business Banking

Treasury Management

Treasury Management Services

Offering business products that assist companies of all sizes in a variety of aspects. These tools allow your business to enjoy the benefits of streamlined daily operations, increased earnings, and additional controls. We are pleased to offer Treasury One, our new comprehensive online cash and treasury management suite. Treasury One provides enhanced security features, efficiency and controls designed specifically for today’s businesses.

Treasury One

Customized Access for You and Your Team Members

Treasury One provides flexibility in managing your team members online access and authority.

Allowing you the ability to align your internal policies with online funds management, You drive the environment best suited for your industry.

User Roles & Manage Users

Settings you configure can create separation of duties and dual control where and when you need it most. Designate accounts, create dynamic approval requirements and authorize transaction types.


Account reconciliation and cash management are made easier with detailed online banking activity and prior day reporting.

Bank Routing Number Lookup

Treasury One offers time-saving solutions for processing electronic transactions via ACH Origination & Wire Transfers.

  • Confirm the accuracy of bank routing numbers and bank names
  • Minimize delayed payments and collection processing
Online Tools

Specialized Features

Deposit One™ Remote Deposit Capture

Bill Pay


Account Reconciliation

ACH Origination

Positive Pay




Zero Balance Accounts

Sweep Accounts

Wire Transfer Services

Cash Vault Services

Electronic Check Acceptance

Business Credit Cards

Merchant Services

Gift Cards

Funds Management

Online Business Banking

Our solutions offer flexibility in managing your business finances online. Tailored to suit your business banking needs and management style, Business Online Banking provides you with just the right tools.

Deposit Checks With Ease

Deposit One Remote Deposit Capture

Is your business ready to experience the convenience of anywhere, anytime deposits? Deposit One™ grants you the freedom to scan, process, and deposit eligible paper transactions wherever you are! With this time saving service, you can use a check scanner to easily make deposits at your business location or use your smart mobile device for on the go processing. The checks will be imaged, and the data will be transmitted resulting in an electronic deposit into your bank account.

Online Tools

  • Dashboard Account Summary
  • Corporate Administration
  • End User Entitlements for Operational Control
  • Quick Action Links for Functions Most Often Used
  • Real Time Transfers Between Accounts
  • Business Bill Pay with Dual Approval Option
  • E-Statements for Quicker Reconciliation
  • View Check & Deposit Images


  • Administrative Rights – Provide control to online user access.
  • Balance Reporting – View up to 18 months of account summary and transaction history including check & deposit images.
  • Integrated Loan Accounts – Make payments and view loan transaction
  • Book Transfers – Real-time movement of funds between accounts within the online banking profile. Transfers may be future dated or setup on a recurring basis.
  • Initiate Stop Payments
  • Business Mobile Banking – Your business does not have to be limited to the office. Make things happen on the go with our business mobile banking app.
  • Mobile Application

Bill Pay

Send secure one-time or recurring payments using our electronic payment service.


  • Administrative Rights
  • Optional Dual Approvals for Payments
  • Reduce Cost for Check Printing & Signing


A paperless statement service with access to 24 months of history.

Wire Transfer Services – Domestic or international wire transfers with options to initiate in a manner most convenient to the business operations. Notification service provides wire posting information in a timely manner.

Positive Pay – A service that monitors account activity to help identify potentially fraudulent transactions. You tell us what checks you have issued, and the system will match that information to what items are presenting for payment. ACH transactions (electronic debits & credits) are identified as suspect if they don’t match the parameters you have placed in the system.

ACH Origination

ACH Origination allows for electronic payments (credits) and collections (debits) automating your payables and receivable process. Increase efficiency and account information security by replacing checks with electronic payments.

  • Reduce Administrative Costs
  • Streamline Account Reconciliation
  • Timely Funds Collection
  • Internal Controls to Reduce Potential Fraud or Error

Account Reconciliation

Save time and increase productivity by automating your reconciliation and reporting process. This separate service allows you to download customized files and reports to be imported by your accounting software.


Online reconciliation offers the option to download account transactions into a variety of formats including those used by QuickBooks, Quicken, and Microsoft OFX.

Cash Vault Services

A delivery/pick up service designed for high cash volume customers. Multiple locations can streamline cash processing and change orders while improving operational efficiency.

Business Solutions

Zero Balance Accounts – Move funds efficiently by eliminating excess balances in your accounts and gain greater control over your disbursements. These accounts automate transfers between accounts saving you time and money.

Sweep Accounts – Maximizes liquidity by strategic movement of excess funds to interest bearing account.

Business Credit Cards –Choose the card that is right for you and your business, including options to gain rewards with preferred points.

Gift Cards – Replace paper gift certificates with gift cards that are flexible, easy to use, and cost effective.

  • Keeps Full Cash Value In Store
  • Increases Customer Loyalty
  • Easy For Customers To Use And Carry
  • Minimizes Losses
  • Cards Are Reusable

Electronic Check Acceptance – The ECA Service turns paper checks into electronic items automatically at the point-of-sale to provide you and your customers fast, easy, accurate and secure check processing.

Merchant Services

CalPrivate Bank offers a full line of fast and convenient card processing services that provide a processing solution tailor-made for your business. Our next day funding will accelerate your cash flow and our low rates will reduce your expenses. Whether you need a traditional terminal, Internet capability, payment software solutions or the latest in Mobile Payment technology, we provide a fast, secure and cost-effective payment method for your business.

“On the go” mobile merchants have the ability to perform credit and debit transactions right from their Smartphone or iPad®. It’s a cost-effective way to add credit and debit card transaction capabilities and integrates seamlessly into their businesses so they can focus on growth.

Service Benefits

  • Low, Competitive Rates
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Credit Card Transactions with your Mobile Device
  • Simplified Billing Statements
  • Technical Support – 24/7
  • Experienced Customer Service Professionals

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