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Leda Csanka


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Leda Csanka has spent more than thirty years in technology and the financial services industry, ten of those years as a CIO, CTO, and independent consultant/business owner. She has successfully led two corporate spin-offs to become IT organizations for standalone companies. Her first opportunity to drive one of these efforts was as a newly “minted” CIO promoted from middle management at ING and selected to be one of twelve executives asked to sell and lead three of the broker/dealer firms through the sale and divestiture process. The second time around leading a spin-off, Leda was a seasoned executive turned independent consultant leveraging her experience to bring best practices to the effort.

Her passion is to share the lessons of technology leadership from the perspective of someone who learned the hard way, in day-to-day combat in the trenches, with the team, successfully executing hundreds of projects through shifting priorities and the changing demands of the corporate world.

Her book How to Lead a Corporate Spin-Off reached number one international bestseller status within forty-eight hours of being published on Amazon. Leda is a speaker, consultant, and executive coach available to help you and your managers transform your organization through change. Her experience can help you by having a trusted advisor available as your partner. You don’t need to tackle your next big project alone.

Leda has a program management background and has been responsible for leading programs as large as $35 million and up to 150 people across multiple physical locations. She has extensive experience in staffing and creating teams to implement strategic projects and a proven ability to lead the strategic planning and technical road-mapping process for a 900-employee organization.

Since retiring from corporate positions in mid-2016, Leda has started her own consulting company, Strategic Tech Consulting and an executive and transformational coaching practice. Her latest passion is teaching people how to meditate as a primordial sound meditation instructor with the Chopra Center.