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What if I lose my mobile device?

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    What if I lose my mobile device?

    Mobile Authentication is built into our application to protect against remote attacks, which are the overwhelming majority of fraudulent attacks. If someone gets a hold of your lost or stolen device, they must get past the username and password on our mobile application. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, call the carrier to report it and cancel service to the device. There is information on your device like contacts, email, etc. that should also be protected. You may want to log onto Online Banking and change your password under the Settings>Login Preferences screen. For additional security concerns, you may contact us at 1-844-282-7372. We may temporarily “Disable” your online profile, which will not allow access to your account information through a desktop computer or through any mobile device. You may also contact us to reset your password for you.


    You may call CalPrivate Bank Treasury Management Services at 1-844-282-7372 or email us at treasurymanagement@calprivate.bankwith any banking questions or concerns over your bank account activity. Branch Office information is available by clicking HERE. You also have the option to call, email, or review for branch locations closest to you when using the Mobile Application.



    In case of errors in or questions about your deposit or credit accounts, contact CalPrivate Bank Treasury Management Services 1-844-282-7372. For additional information regarding your and our rights and responsibilities regarding errors in or questions about your accounts and how such errors and questions are processed, please review your Online Banking Services Agreement and the applicable agreement(s) governing the affected deposit account or credit account. A copy of the Online Banking Service & Mobile Banking Agreements can be found at the bottom of this page.

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