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What else can I do to protect my account information?

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    What else can I do to protect my account information?

    • Use the security settings on your mobile device such as password protecting access to your mobile device, and enabling the auto-lock feature. Never share your log in credentials with anyone.
    • The password for your mobile device should be unique, a minimum of eight characters, and include a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.
    • Ensure that application updates and patches are always installed.
    • Use the Online Banking Alerts tab located under the Settings tab to customize the security alerts you would like to receive. You may setup Alerts to be sent via email, text messages, or as an automated phone call. There are a variety Alerts available. Listed below a few examples:
      • Account Alerts- Receive an alert if your balance goes above or falls below an amount specified
      • History Alerts- Receive an alert if a deposit posts to the account
      • Transaction Alerts- Receive an alert if a domestic wires is processed from your online profile
      • Security Alerts- Receive an Alert when the “Forgot Password” feature is attempted unsuccessfully


    You may call CalPrivate Bank Treasury Management Services at 1-844-282-7372 or email us at treasurymanagement@calprivate.bankwith any banking questions or concerns over your bank account activity. Branch Office information is available by clicking HERE. You also have the option to call, email, or review for branch locations closest to you when using the Mobile Application.



    In case of errors in or questions about your deposit or credit accounts, contact CalPrivate Bank Treasury Management Services 1-844-282-7372. For additional information regarding your and our rights and responsibilities regarding errors in or questions about your accounts and how such errors and questions are processed, please review your Online Banking Services Agreement and the applicable agreement(s) governing the affected deposit account or credit account. A copy of the Online Banking Service & Mobile Banking Agreements can be found at the bottom of this page.



    • Create a complex password that includes alpha numeric and special symbols and a minimum of 8 characters.
    • Never share your log on credentials with anyone.
    • Setup Alerts in the Settings section of Online Banking to be advised of unusual online activity
    • Secure access to your mobile device by enabling the password protection and auto-lock security feature
    • Download mobile applications from reputable sources.
    • Use caution when internet browsing and exercise care when clicking on website links.
    • Keep your mobile device updated as recommended by your mobile device supplier.For additional online fraud prevention security tips, please click HERE
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