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How does it work?

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    How does it work?

    First you must activate your profile by first establishing your log on credentials on your desktop computer. Next download the Deposit One application from your App Store.  Click on the app using your Apple or Android mobile device. (Must be a supported device with minimum operating system) Access the app by using your log on credentials. Follow the easy navigation menus to create and submit a multiple check deposit. Follow the steps below to submit your deposit.

    1. Click on the + sign to create a new deposit

    2. Select the location and deposit account

    3. Click on Add Check

    4. Enter amount of check and any notes

    5. Capture all 4 corners of the front and back image of a single check on a dark background or use

    your device’s video feature to capture multiple checks.

    6. Click Submit to send deposit OR click on Add Check to add more items to the deposit

    7. Verify dollar amount of check or the multiple check deposit total

    8. You may Edit or Delete a check prior to submitting a deposit

    9. Click to submit

    10. Mark your check as processed to prevent duplicate deposit

    11. Securely dispose of the original check after 14 days not to exceed 30 days.

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