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Credit Intern

Credit Department Internship Summary


This internship will have two spots available: 1 spot in San Diego – Mission Valley and 1 in Newport Beach. This internship spot is ideal for any student who is pursuing a business administration, finance, or business management degree as well as an undergraduate degree correlated with an understanding of lending and credit principles. The duration of the program will be six months approximately.


Develop an understanding and hands-on working knowledge of the Bank’s Credit Administration Department, Lending, Documenting, and Portfolio Management functions.

Internship Coordinator & Mentor:

Eunice Lee – SVP/SBA Credit Manager

Learning Goals:


a. spreading statements & reviewing due diligence

b. analyzing financial reports

c. calculating ratios

d. determining structure/product/primary/secondary repayment

e. preparing Credit Approval Memo


a. Based on the outcome of the due diligence, determine the documentation that is required for the loan product

b. review completed documentation

Portfolio Management

a. review Loan Agreements for financial reporting & loan covenants

b. review past due & loan maturities reports

c. review ALR process

d. review property/collateral due diligence monitoring

Credit Administration

a. review monthly/quarterly reports prepared for management, DLC, & Board

Training Schedule:

The intern will spend 1 month approximately, in each of the credit areas (Commercial & Industrial lending (C&I), SBA, Construction, Documentation, Portfolio Management, & Credit Admin).

Goal Achievement:

At the conclusion of the program, all established goals and objectives will be evaluated to determine if the work product has met or exceeded such objectives. Throughout the duration of the internship, the program mentor/coordinator will provide regular progress updates and will provide consistent feedback. Interns will be encouraged to share their feedback and communicate key takeaways from their experience in the program.


To be considered for this internship, candidates must be college-level students and ideally pursuing a degree in business administration, finance, MBA, or a comparable undergraduate degree which is correlated to an understanding of lending and credit principles.