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CRA Officer - San Diego, CA

Business Unit:

Risk Management

Job Summary:

Intermediate small commercial bank (ISB), located in Southern California. The ideal candidate for this position must reside in the communities that are served and supported by this role (Orange, San Diego, LA and surrounding counties within Southern California).

Responsible for ensuring the Bank maintains an adequate and effective Community Reinvestment Act (“CRA”) Program and maintaining a Satisfactory or better CRA regulatory rating and compliance with federal Community Reinvestment Act regulations.

Responsible for developing, implementing and administering all aspects of the Bank’s CRA Program. Establishes, participates and maintains relationships with community-based, charitable, and non-profit organizations. Creates, updates, and maintains continuous records of CRA qualified products delivered, loans applied for and granted, and services provided within the CRA assessment area(s) to facilitate periodic review of the Bank’s CRA compliance level and CRA performance. Updates the CRA Public File as needed. Maintains CRA software for report and analytics purposes. Administers and monitors program to ensure the Bank meets the needs of the community and attains CRA compliance goals.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Ensures representatives of the Bank establish, participate and maintain relationships with community based, charitable, and non-profit organizations.
  • Develop and implement a program to ensure the Bank meets the needs of the community and attains CRA compliance goals; maintain all required tracking; complete management and board reporting as required.
  • Responsible for the management of CRA Committee charter, meetings, materials and minutes.
  • Responsible for keeping abreast of emerging CRA issues and regulatory perspectives
  • Administrate the Bank’s CRA tracking system to analyze CRA lending and community development activity to include loans, investments, and services for potential CRA credit.
  • Responsible for the vetting and management of non-profit and/or CRA qualified Organizations.
  • Responsible for completing the Bank’s CRA Performance Self Evaluation annually including creation and analyzation of Lending Tests and Tables.
  • Responsible for the scrubbing of loan data extracts from Bank’s Core and import into CRA Software.
  • Responsible for on-going CRA loan application register maintenance and annual reporting activities.
  • Responsible for the development of Banks CRA Plan outlining CRA Goals.
  • Responsible for the Bank’s CRA Policy, Public File, and Risk Assessment.
  • Responsible for providing training and advisory services as needed to areas of the Bank regarding CRA
  • Participates and is a member of the Bank’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee.
  • Participates and represents the Bank in the Local Advisory Board (LAC) of LISC or other equivalent CRA Community Development focused organization.
  • Gathering, coordinating and responding to CRA related audits and examinations as directed by the Risk Manager.
  • The CRA Officer will participate in other projects and actions as directed from time to
  • time by the Risk Manager.


  • Minimum of 4 years compliance and/or CRA banking management experience or equivalent experience in a lending compliance related role.
  • Minimum of 5 years banking experience

Minimum Performance Standards and Required Competencies:

Problem Solving

  • Possesses strong analytical abilities and problem-solving skills; maintain a sense of ownership over tasks, including follow-through.
  • Excellent ability to perform research and leverage various resources, including the Internet to facilitate the monitoring, analyzing and application of CRA rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Proficient PC skills to include spreadsheet, word-processing, database systems and other software utilized by the department.


  • Maintains a strong understanding of banking laws and regulations and controls to effectively address and provide guidance on CRA related operational issues.
  • Ability to determine timing/criticality of projects/tasks, manage expectations and deliver work within expected timeframes.


  • Ability to perform with minimal supervision. Seeks help, asks questions, observes and utilizes resources consistently.
  • Excellent organizational, time management and project management skills.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize projects.


  • Ability to coordinate and work collaboratively with internal and external contacts.
  • Possess quality written/verbal communication and presentation skills which allow for the completion of effective reports and write-ups.
  • Ability to meet the expectations for the role within CRA and communicate well with various departments and employees as needed.


  • Ability to give and welcome feedback.
  • Actively contributes to building a positive team spirit.
  • Balances team and individual responsibilities.